Middlewich and District Concerts Society

Saturday 11th November 2017
Lauren Scott (Harp)

"In a Landscape"

An enchanting programme of harp music; from intricate baroque delicacies, to dreamy impressionistic pieces, to modern day tangos and mambos. Introduced and performed by Lauren Scott, it includes works by Telemann, Debussy & Granados as well as pieces by living composers from France, Austria & America

Update (8th September): Lauren's new Celtic lever harp is finally arriving soon, so she wants to bring that along and do a couple of pieces on this new harp in Middlewich, as well as on her concert harp. Hence the amended programme.

Programme (amended 8th September)
Telemann: Fantasia
Francisque: Pavane et Bransles
Debussy: First Arabesque
Cage: In a Landscape
Stadler: Scandinavia
Pierne: Impromptu Caprice


Andres: Mambo

Tierson (arr. Turner): Suite from Amelie

Kurek: Moon Canticle

Stadler: Tango

Granados: Danza Espagnole

Henson-Conant: Baroque Flamenco

For more information about Lauren Scott visit her own web-site (in a new window), by clicking HERE